Subway, Desert, Great Wall of China: The most bizarre fashion show venues


While some of the things the fashion industry gets to see are fabulous, the others are downright bizarre. From body jewellery to micro mini bags, we've seen it all. While everyone has a different perspective on the trends, the one thing that brings everyone together are fashion shows. Sitting under one roof to watch trends being set is a dream every fashionista enjoys. But have you ever wondered what it might feel like to attend a fashion show at a high altitude? 

More recently, a Nepal-based label went on to create a World Record for showcasing their collection at a high altitude. Work-wear brand, Kasa Style created a Guinness Book World Records for creating 'Mount Everest Fashion Runway' that was held at an elevation of 530 meters at Kala Patthar, Khumjung, Nepal.

While sitting on such a high altitude is daunting, here are some of the weirdest and bizarre fashion show venues across the world. 

Whistling Sand Mountain 2007

It's quite mainstream to walk down a well-constructed ramp. The real challenge comes when you wear fancy footwear and try to maintain a balance on a sand mountain. Pierre Cardin back in 2007 showcased their Spring/Summer 2008 collection at an isolated Whsting San Mountain in China. 

Great Wall of China 2007

Well, when it's Karl Lagerfeld, you know it's one of a kind and fabulous. To showcase his collection with Fendi, Karl, who loves everything to be a bit OTT, chose the Wonder of the World with a spotlit ramp. 

Berlin Fashion Week 

While some of us still struggle to find a seat on the subway, Berlin Fashion Week saw some Avant-grande designers showcase some of their creations on the subway. From 2005 until 2012, numerous fashion houses have taken to the underground transportation system to flaunt their creations. 


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